BAME Women's Project (Bromley, Croydon & Lambeth)

A programme specifically for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic group women, whether or not they experience Domestic Abuse or Violence against women, in Bromley, Croydon and Lambeth. They work in Partnership with 3 separate organisations; Bromely & Croydon Women's Aid, Croydon BME Forum and ASHA Projects. Their project tackles the social isolation that BAME women when trying to access support and advice services.

They hold weekly Sister's Own Coffee Morning's which help support the indepedence and wellbeing of BAME women through group sessions and community building.

Their work includes:

*Removing the mental and physical barriers BAME women may face when trying to access advice and support

*Helping break the silence around domestic abuse and empower women to take control of their futures

*Delivering training sessions for professionals and outreach support services

*Sisters Own Coffee Mornings - a community group sessions supporting the independence and well-being of BAME women

*Offering 1-2-1 practical and emotional support

The services they offer

  • Advice and support
  • Helpline
  • Refuge
  • Group therapy/activities

They can help with

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional & Psychological abuse
  • Spiritual & Cultural abuse
  • Sexual abuse & Rape
  • Tackling social isolation faced by BAME women, Removing mental & physical barriers for BAME women who are trying to access advice & support


Bromley; Croydon; Lambeth - London

email / Bromley/Croydon - / Lambeth - / Training sessions -


BCWA - 0208 313 9303, Stefanie - 07377 884 170, Simon - 07507 568 298,

opening hours

All groups run in 12 weekly sessions. Please contact Stefanie/Simon for dates and times.