Behind Closed Doors

They work with people throughout the Leeds district whose lives have been, or are, affected by domestic violence and abuse.

They have a Community DV Team which works within the Leeds Domestic Violence Service, supporting people assessed as being at medium/high risk and/or needing help with significant practical issues like housing and civil legal proceedings.

Their Prevention and Recovery Service (PARS) works to support people at lower levels of risk who require more emotional support and information to make sense of their experience, recover and move on positively.

The services they offer

  • Legal support
  • Contacting police
  • Referrals (GP, Housing or Specialist Services)
  • Helpline
  • Advice and support

They can help with

  • Physical abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Spiritual & Cultural abuse
  • Emotional & Psychological abuse
  • Bullying


Behind Closed Doors, Leeds, LS19 9BN


Admin - / Training - / PARS -


Admin, Finance & Training - 0113 391 1917 / Prevention and Recovery Service - 0113 222 4562 / LDVS Community DV Team Women's - 0113 222 4202 / LDVS Community DV Team Men's - 0113 222 4203